The Sacred Circle

Where women who hold healing spaces come together to discuss how we do work differently.

Whatever healing space you are holding in your work - whether it's physical space like massage, emotional space like social work, or spiritual space like coaching - you are giving a lot of yourself and often you're doing it alone.

A strong spiritual foundation is the touchstone you need to come back to your centre. It helps you:

>>> make decisions from your inner compass

>>> speak confidently from your inner knowing

>>> trust your inner vision

>>> have the courage to embody your high vision and

>>> trust your own unique (often winding) path


>>> replenish your energy levels

Community is another aspect of that touchstone. Unfortunately, in many spiritual spaces there tends to be pressure to 'buy in' to the group's thinking, follow a leader or adhere to specific set of rules or beliefs.

This group is different.

There is no set dogma to be followed. Even though you'll be exploring spiritual concepts in relation to your work, there's no set belief system you have to follow to belong. This is a space for you to grow alongside women on a similar path, gain new awareness around your work and approach your work in a way that feels aligned with your personal spiritual beliefs and values.

This is a coming together of women who have a vision in their hearts that might feel too big to carry on their own.

 Details please!


Everything we do is spiritual. Your work is a sacred offering to the world.

This is a group specific to women in wellness professions with a focus on personal spiritual values as they apply to our work.

"My personal high vision is to help you uncover any spiritual wounds you've accumulated that prevent you from fully actualizing your work in the world so you are operating from your own inner authority." ~Shawna

8 weeks of inquiry:

Hello! I'm your facilitator, Shawna Barber. Like you, I'm a space holder: a spiritual mentor, breathworker and yoga teacher. I work both with private clients and with groups. People often comment that one of my gifts is holding safe, welcoming spaces for exploration, vulnerability and transformation.

I'm putting that skill to use by holding that kind of space for you now!

Weekly Gathering

We come together each Thursday to explore and discuss the internal and external factors that influence our work in the world.

I'll bring certain topics of interest with the intention of sparking conversation and learning through each person's unique perspective.

Facebook Forum

You'll be a part of a private Facebook group where you can continue discussion, get/give support and create connections amongst the group.

Conversation sparkers:

The Spiritual Wound

  • Exploring your spiritual/religious background (or lack thereof) and how it shapes your current beliefs, faith and ability to live into your full business potential.
  • Bringing awareness to religious values and belief systems that sneak into our cultural consciousness and how that effects our work ethic.
  • Discovering what cuts us off from the inner-knowing and confident voice we need to serve our vision.

Ego and the Inner Child

  • Getting to know the ego/inner child and recognizing when they take over our decision making processes (specifically focusing on our work).
  • Becoming aware of our ego-driven society and how this effects the way we relate to our work and run our business, leaving us burnt out and frustrated.
  • Learning to give the ego a healthy role.

Viewing our work differently

  • Shifting focus from our tools/skills to The High Vision and how that changes everything!
  • Trusting inspired action vs pushing or forcing.
  • Exploring how we can embody leadership in a new and comfortable way.

About Me....

Hey there! I'm Shawna. I founded Sacred Centre with the intention of bringing people back to the sacred centre within. That intention remains, but my focus has shifted to women who, like me, hold space for others. What I've found is that many of us hold a bigger vision for our work that feels kinda scary.

I've learned a thing or two (or twenty!) about the doubt and uncertainty that keeps our vision locked away without voice because I spent years struggling to find what I call The High Vision.

Since founding this business I've felt lost, wanted to give up and honestly felt like I was crazy sometimes. What got me through was applying spiritual values to my work and strengthening my relationship to the Inner Divine.

As I mentored other women they found this helped them too. I thought to myself "Wow, imagine how much more powerful we could be if we came together to learn new ways of approaching our work? What would it be like to facilitate a community of support for women on the path of service?" That excited me, but so did the idea of the trickle down effect it would have to those we serve.

Doing this work and being on this path can be lonely. If this group can save other women some of the struggle that I experienced alone, then I will have lived out some of my own high vision.

The Sacred Circle Details:

Thursdays 7:15-8:30pm

14th October through 2nd December

Sessions held at Fleurieu Yoga, Aldinga

+ Private Facebook page

Introductory offer: 8 weeks for $111

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Sacred Circle


*If you don't find your answer here, please email me at

How do I know it's for me?

Are you someone that holds space for others? The 'tools' you use don't really matter. Whether massage, reiki, social work, or any other vocation that entails supporting others, you are welcome.

This group is for you if you are wondering about the spiritual nature of your work and/or how to bring that aspect of yourself into your work. Perhaps you spent time in a church but have felt it doesn't suit your current world view. You're wanting a community, but not one in which you have to conform. Or, you've never had a 'spiritual home' and you feel alone. Maybe you've been a part of other business groups too, but they haven't quite felt like a fit either. If you're still unsure, email me to set up a chat.

How much do I have to participate?

The intention is to create a safe space where everyone can feel comfortable contributing to the conversation. That kind of comfort level develops with consistency and familiarity so weekly attendance is encouraged. Of course if there's one week you have a previous commitment or something serious comes up that is understandable, but please be sure you're ready to commit to the group. So much wisdom comes through peer interaction and sharing.

I also recognize that in groups certain dynamics tend to emerge. In the first session we'll spend time negotiating how to be sure every woman has an opportunity to share what's in her heart and mind at her own comfort level.

If you're worried a group situation isn't a fit for you, I also mentor clients 1:1. You can email me to set up a time to chat about this option.

Does my location matter?

In-person workshops will be offered at Fleurieu Yoga in Aldinga so as long as you're happy to make that trip, then no! This is not a Fleurieu specific group, though for now this is where we'll meet. In the future there may be opportunity for other locations or hybrid online/offline groups so please do reach out to me with any feedback on what you'd lilke to see for future offers.

Will you be offering other times/dates?

Again, if listed days/dates don't suit email me so she can keep track of interest. I'll also be sure to let you know if and when new sessions open.

What is your refund policy?

This is a short-term introductory offer and the investment is minimal so I'm asking you please be sure you are fully committed as purcheses will be non-refundable (with the exception of extreme circumstances at my discretion).