Sacred Seconds for Sacred Rebels:

A practical 4 page guide empowering spiritual women to get back into Divine Union in life can be guided by the heart.

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Living a spiritual life doesn't have to be complicated. In this free guide, I'll teach you:

  • How being a rebel is a good thing (you may even be one without knowing it!).
  • Practical ideas for how you can access Divine Union in the most simple of ways so you can feel empowered, supported and comforted--anytime and anywhere.
  • Why experiementing with spiritual practice is so important and how to know if you've made connection to the Divine.


  • "Reminders for Union" print out to stick on your fridge.
  • Uplifting Spotify playlist to get your Soul-groove on.

Meet Shawna


I believe that the most empowering and revolutionary thing we can do is to come to the knowing that the Divine is within and that we have direct access to It in any moment. 

Shawna Barber, Spiritual Mentor

By the time I was born my mother had left the Catholic faith. I grew up in Connecticut surrounded by amazingly beautiful churches and very aware that I didn't belong (in any sense), but wanting so desperately a spiritual home to call my own.

I was always one to question and I saw too many contradictions within religion. Plus, I just didn't like all the rules (maybe you can relate?). I had my own inner-authority and knowing of an ancient familiar place within and I knew without doubt a Loving Source existed. I could feel it in my bones and beating within my heart.

In my 20s I discovered yoga and came home to myself in the way that I had always wanted. That began a 20 year journey of spiritual discovery. What I've come to realize is that spirituality is not a religious commodity. It belongs to me. It belongs to you. Our spiritual home is in the heart. The power that comes with this knowing can change your life.  

I've spent countless hours in yoga + breathwork trainings, diving into self-led study and facilitiating classes, workshops and mentoring people seeking to create a personal and meaningful spiritual life; one that is ruled from within.  

Spirituality doesn't have to be complicated. It can be simple and, most importantly, it's meant to feel supportive of your daily life.

This guide is a gift from my heart to yours. I hope it serves you well.

With Love, Shawna