Sacred Rebel

From Black Sheep to Sacred Rebel

You weren't meant to "fit in." Own Who You Are. Step into Your Power.

An online course for women who want to live a spiritual life ruled by their own heart.

Growing up you always had a belief in a Higher Power. You could sense It and your desire to understand this Energy has always been with you. Maybe you were part of an organized religion. Maybe not. Either way, something deep inside you rejected the rules and restrictions of society and organized religion. 

You could never fit into their box and your whole life you've danced between trying to find a way to belong and desperately wanting to be The Real You.

The Real You has a strong spiritual side and an inner-knowing guiding you--but you got the idea from others that you were wrong. Wrong for this conviction in your Knowing and wrong in your way of Being. So, to be accepted, you mostly cut this part of yourself off...... but it's never completely left you.

This is my story as much as it is yours and I have something to tell you...

You are not wrong. You are independent, strong-willed, outspoken, radical, wild and free and you were born to be this way! These are your gifts--given to you by a Loving Source and this course is here to give you permission to be who you are meant to be: A Rebel in all the right ways.

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  • You have been made to feel wrong when being your authentic self: independent, strong-willed, outspoken, radical, wild & free. 
  • Instead of being your authentic Self you (1) rebelled (2) changed your Self to fit into different groups or (3) tried to be perfect to gain acceptance. Perhaps all three!
  • You have a strong belief in a Higher Power and want to explore spirituality without the confines of religous rules.  
  • You have felt alone spiritually and craved community. 
  • You would like to feel connected to your inner wisdom and guided by that Higher Power from within.  
  • You would like to use your innate gifts to serve the world through your work and/or speaking up for a cause.  
  • You would like to be confident in Who You Are and be a model of living authentically to your children and community.

Registration begins September 2019. Let's keep in touch!  


Here's what I'll be teaching...


Birth of the Black Sheep: How We Come to Believe We are Inherently Wrong

We'll unpack what messages we absorbed as children about who we are and how to 'should' behave. 


Growing up: The Rebel, The Good Girl and the Chameleon 

We all want to belong. We'll explore the different personas we use to gain acceptance. 


Rewriting the Story: Understanding Your Gifts as the Rebel  

We got the message that our natural born spunk and inner-authority was somehow wrong. What if you could reframe all the things they said were difficult about you and claim them as your strengths?


You are Sacred: Healing Your Connection to Divine Source 

You believe in a Higher Power, but most likely the messages you got about Love and Acceptance have skewed your connection to this Source. 


Radical Acceptance: You were born to be a This Way  

When you feel love and connection to Divine Source and you can accept Who You Are fully, nothing outside yourself can knock you off your center. 


Bringing the Sacred and the Rebel together  

You are sacred and you are a rebel in all the right ways. What does it mean to be spiritual? We will explore how you can embody your inner Sacred Rebel. 

In addition to pre-recorded and live lessons you will also become part of the Sacred Rebel Facebook group and receive meditations + journal prompts to guide you through your own personal exploration of Self and Source. 



  • Accepting your inherent goodness by healing your relationship to a Loving Source
  • Feeling grounded, centered and confident in Who You Are
  • Taking up space by being able to speak your truth
  • Increased self worth so that no matter what others say or do you can come back to your center 
  • Becoming familiar with and trusting of your intuition so that whatever comes up you can guide yourself through it
  • Understanding and owning your gifts so you can harness them and become a powerful force of good in the world
  • More clarity around your life purpose so you can feel fulfilled and live a meaningful life
  • Being open to exploring (yet discerning) in your spiritual practice so it feels personal, supportive and comforting to you
  •  An overall deepening of faith to your spiritual life and a Loving Source


I'm Shawna Barber and I'm a Spiritual Mentor, Breathwork Facilitator and Yoga Teacher. My whole life I've been exploring spirituality--figuring out what's feels good to me and finding my way back home to my Self. Now I'd like to support you in doing the same. 


September 2019

Don't miss out, you Sacred Rebel, you!


Shawna lives and works from her Sacred Centre, a powerful place that, if you're willing, will shift your reality. I am not the same person I was before working with her. If there is stuff you want to shift, old habits and beliefs you know you need to lose to get where you want to go, I recommend working with Shawna.

I now feel more fully alive, joyful and grounded. I have confidence in my power to create and bring my original work into the world in ways that are solid, sustainable, and nurturing to myself and others. 

Michele McCrea PhD MSSc—Psychotherapist and Educator 

During my work with Shawna, I experienced revelations that I had never experienced before. Afterwards, I had a better sense of understanding myself. I had a few ah-ha moments of self discovery, and a higher sense of self worth and integrity. 

From what I have learnt, I don't think it will be possible to slip back into my old self as Shawna has taught me so much. A BIG thank you to Shawna for helping me to realise these big transformations and guiding me through....I will be forever grateful.

Kim Duff, Geologist, Entrepreneur and mom.

My spiritual journey and questioning the traditional beliefs I was raised with is incredibly important to me. 

Shawna helped me to release all the beliefs that were standing between Me and Life. Working with her was like removing a big wet overcoat of old beliefs that were weighing me down. 

For the first time in my life I feel "This is me and I'm OK exactly as I am." No matter what's happening around me I'm able to choose how to be within it.  

I have come to a place of assurance in my Self. I am lighter and more confident. There is a solidness in myself I've not experienced before. 

I feel as though my heart has always been there waiting for me to uncover its proper beat. Now I'm in the vibration I was always meant to be in. 

Sally Badnall, Professional Photographer and Visual Storyteller